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released January 24, 2020

Scott McCash - Lead Vocals
Dave Williams - Keys / Guitars / Drums / Vocals

Jolie Lindholm - Vocals on ‘Disappear’
Joseph Shabason - Saxophone on ‘Hurt No More’
Jake Von Wurden - Bass on ‘In Phases’

All songs by SURRENDER except ‘Nothing to Talk About’
originally by Hanne Kolstø (used with permission)

Recorded / Mastered by Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above
Vocals recorded by Scott McCash
Mixed by Alex Gamble at The Hive -

Art / Layout by Michael George Haddad -


all rights reserved



Surrender Ottawa, Ontario

Conceived in the grand traditions of
the synth-based duos of the 80s and the
alt-pop of the 90s.

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Track Name: A Lifetime Away
Start out running and you may never stop
Cut to the bone to unspool the plot
That road’s littered with well-meaning hearts
Dismantle the whole just to count the parts

Shouldn’t have to be said but you’ll say it a lot
The hurt doesn’t end when the fighting stops
Tried it on for the size, thought it fit like a glove
Don’t throw it away
Don’t spend all your love

Never mind “it won’t break”
It can’t stay
Just throw away all your life and leave

If for a second it bleeds
But in a minute it heals
To wash a lifetime away

Then you know what you need
To know how it feels
To wash a lifetime away

(Don’t waste your love on it)
It’s never too late to
Make things right
To shrug off the darkness
Step into the light
Track Name: Disappear (feat. Jolie Lindholm)
Here we are and it’s really on fire
Chopped it up and we’re really on fire
It’s hard to know why anyone stays
Add it all up then throw it away

Gotcha on a runaround
Gotcha like a photograph
Slipping away

Needed time to find new love
Needed a sign to bring us near
Now we can run and find ourselves
Now we can run and disappear
Track Name: Hold On
Fold it in an unread book
Close your eyes and never look
The day will come when this has passed
The day will come cuz nothing lasts

Forgiven sins, forgotten pasts
Darker woods, this winding path
The night will come encircle you
Until there’s nothing you can do

Carve your name and wave goodbye
Set sail for stars and blackened skies
A dark so deep it strangles you
And so you quake ‘til nothing moves

(I don’t want to hold on)
Track Name: Keep Running
You’ve been racing your whole life
Finding your days blinking away, like flashes of street lights
Finding your way amidst the decay of this place after midnight

(And you feel it)
The tunnel’s closing in
It’s teeth are touching skin

What would you do to make it all stop?
Don’t you wish you could blacken the moon? (I know I do)
That high white vanishing fog
Doesn’t it call to you, too?

You carved your name, hoped it would last
Spent most of your days wishing away all of those things that were once past
Spent most of your days wishing the rains would make the rivers flow fast

Keep running
Keep running never look back
I know it’s hard but the darkness can’t catch you if you never see it coming

Doesn’t it call to you too?
Track Name: Hurt No More
It’s a wonder and you wonder if you’re still safe
Some things just can’t be bent straight
They fall to pieces when you try

And so you held on, hoping holding was the right thing
Scared it’s written all on your face
And all the places that you hide

Hardly seems the season, but you sold your love
Can’t explain the reasons but they added up
It can’t hurt no more
It can’t hurt no more

And so you wonder while you wait
To see the pieces be replaced
If you’ll ever be the same
If you’ll ever pick the right star in the right sky
And so you wonder while you wait
And so you wonder while you wait
Track Name: Carefully, Carefully
How could we have known
That we should’ve held on?
That every word was right
That we believed was wrong?

Carefully, carefully
Fall apart together
Carefully, carefully
Gotta do better

Gotta do better, love
God we knew better, love
Track Name: Nothing To Talk About
Words and Music by Hanne Kolstø
Track Name: In Phases
Are we sheltered in the high grass?
Are we safer in numbers?
(Can’t promise)

Are we waiting for the light pass?
Are we still in our slumbers?
(Can’t promise)

If it’s coming in phases it’s coming a lot
Like waves crashing shores
Just carving the rock

Better late than after things had all been set aside
Tied a flag and sat there, deep in sand and rising tides

How’d you run the road into the darkness?

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